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I can't believe you're charging nine dollars for this pretentious, masturbatory crap.


Agreed. This looks like complete shit just from the screenshots. Also, the art is horrible.


Gorgeous and it made me feel like I was the character at times.


comments on steam have been quite fair (last time i looked anyway)

You will always have some peeps who like and some who don't like :)

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I wish I had known this was on so you would have received a bigget cut of the sale. Oh well, I am loving the game so far and it has inspired me to finish a documentary I started about local video game developers as well as a Twine game about my experiences living with bipolar disorder.

The video game industry needs more voices like yours, but it's encouraging to see you have the courage and passion to express what you want to say freely despite the possibilty of backlash.


Soon as I am paid I will be buying this. And a fellow old school Macross fan makes this already a winner in my book with that poster in the background.