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thank u so much for making this game <3

Played it.

It is something.

Thanks for making and have a good one.

Thank you for sharing this raw and powerful game!

This was truly an amazing piece! The diary is raw, and you can feel how difficult it was at that time, but I am also rooting from the bottom of my heart for the hole in your heart to get better, just as you plugged the hole in the wall during your work!

I also liked the small items in the luggage and the realistic representation of the room, which was very deviant. There were a lot of Japanese manga and it was fun to sort through the luggage. Chobits is my favorite too!

I also made a video, which you can watch if you like.

I genuinely loved this game. I have never dealt with domestic abuse but I have experienced similar kinds and I know people who have, So on a personal level I related to this game. I also really enjoyed the graphics and overall style of the game. I would definitely play it again!

As someone who just had to move a few months ago, I loved this concept. It hit a number of feelings and topics that can arise when looking back through old memories and packing up things that you haven't thought about in years. The topics that are brought up are definitely real life issues and I really appreciate the way this game brings attention to certain problems, the main one being physical abuse. No one deserves to go through that in a  relationship, and the more awareness that is out there, the better. Great job with the narrative and all the old school references as well, it was a very interesting playthrough! :)

Inspiring. Thank you for sharing

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the game does not start for me in windows 10 what do i do? like when i choose one of the thing in what i see when i close my eyes it does not start

Hi! It's possible your PC has trouble with our voice rec API, so go ahead into the options menu and turn that off before you play. If that doesn't work, then we'll keep our eyes out for a repro of the bug and will fix it if we find it.

Otherwise, I did record a full playthrough for folks who don't have compatible hardware to play:

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tysmmmmm it worked<3

Hi, I'm very interested in the game, but it keeps crashing on me: every time I open a box, the game freezes. I'm playing on a desktop computer in Windows 10 64-bit, do you have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance, Marijn.

Hi! This has been a known bug for some laptop users. We fixed it in v0.2. If you are seeing the bug still in that version, feel free to reply here! Hopefully you're just a version behind and it doesn't happen again!

Yeah sorry, this is happening on version 0.2 and I'm on a desktop computer, so I don't know?

We have not been able to reproduce this bug on our end. If we find a way to, I will reply here! Thanks again! In the meantime, I did record a full-playthrough for people who don't have the hardware to play: 

Yeah, I saw it! Thanks anyway, I'll try it on a few different computers to see if that solves the problem.

its an amazing game, just wondering if you have a tracklist from the game? the music is amazing!

you did so well, ;)

Thank you! All music in the game came from this awesome composer who does a lot of creative commons work: Rrrrrose @

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great art piece. only complaint is something you had no control over. i have a speech impediment and so i needed to repeat myself three times. though each time was true, i am with you.

also the sound was so fucking good i took off my headphones to make sure i didn't leave a window open when the sound of air blowing played

I'm so sorry you had trouble with the voice rec! It's using an API we don't have control over, unfortunately. So, we included the option to play without voice rec if that's more comfortable for you. Just as an FYI, since it sounds like you finished it anyways! Thanks for playing!


Thank you for making this. I hear you.

Hello. 🙂 I would really enjoy this game, as I'm a recovering domestic abuse victim. Is there a PDF version of this game available? I don't have a laptop to play it on. Please let me know. Thank you.


Hi! I will make a video playthrough for you! I will reply to this thread with a link when it's ready.

Thank you so much! ❤ I'll be sure to take notes on the playthrough so I can have the game in written form. 😊


Hi again! I have made the video and a document containing the poem that is read during the game. Both links are available on the Itch page for this game, but I'll put them here too for your convenience!

Playthrough Video:

Thank you so much! ❤


Last Call is a game about packing and unpacking. It feels like the kind of conversation you have with a very close friend or new romantic partner. Intimate, vulnerable. It makes your heart knot up. Reading this poetry and packing what appears to be Nina Freeman's actual stuff is pretty voyeuristic. 

Mechanically you walk around a three-dimensional space and click on boxes that are highlighted. You are then presented with an image of the box's contents and sometimes a piece of prose. You are prompted to speak one of four phrases into your computer's microphone. As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter what you say but it does recognize which phrase you used. I think that is the point - it doesn't matter what you say when someone tells you this kind of story. You have to acknowledge it, and maybe that's all that really matters?

While playing, I found myself reflecting on unhealthy relationships I have had. I consider myself fortunate not to have the extremes presented by Last Call in my past. I suspect most people will find parts of Nina's story in their history. "There but for the grace of God go I." 
I "know" Nina from her Twitch streams; I'd barely consider myself a regular viewer. As I reflect on this game, I find myself wondering about what it is to interact with creators. There is already an asymmetric relationship with the average Twitch streamer. To them, we're screen names that make bad jokes and make the chat feed scroll. After playing this game, I feel like I should invite Nina and Jake to my next cookout. I imagine this illusion of familiarity will fade, but it is something I think is interesting.

So, what do you say after an experience like this? Good work? It was interesting? Thank you for sharing? I'm sorry that happened? I hope things are better for you now? I don't know. This was a well-crafted experience and worth your time.


Nina's games always feel very personal and raw and Last Call is no different. If you've played Nina's other games like Freshman Year or Cibele then you'll have a good idea of what to expect. Overall, Last Call is a short game with good presentation that respects your time as a player and tells a very personal story.